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The Annual Newent Car Show for car enthusiasts.

The Newents Annual Car & Classic show isn't just a day of enjoyment and passion for classic cars; it also serves as an impactful charity event. The £5 fee charged for each classic car displayed goes directly towards a panel of chosen charities. This act of generosity amplifies the community spirit that this event embodies.

Through their love of classic automobiles, participants contribute to worthwhile causes, making this event as rewarding as it is entertaining. Spectators, although entering for free, often have the opportunity to donate to these charities as well, adding to the event's philanthropic nature.

Thus, the Newent Car & Classic stands as an event that unifies the joy of exploring classic cars with the gratification of supporting various charities. It truly captures the essence of community, compassion, and shared passion, setting a standard for what an enjoyable, family-friendly, and socially conscious event can look like.

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